Dr Oz Corydalis Supplement for Chronic Pain Relief

Dr Oz and Dr Daniel Hzu recommend Corydalis as a natural pain killer.

It has been used in China for hundreds of years.

Corydalis or Chinese Poppy has DHCB a potent natural pain killer according to Dr Huz with no negative sideeffects.

He called it a game changer for chronic pain sufferers: menstrual  cramps, back and even spine pain.

 Pregnant women and people with irregular heartbeats should avoid taking Corydalis!
Please consult with a physcian before taking.

New research by Western Scientist is compelling.

You do not develop a resistance to it and it is not addictive!

6 capsules(3-9grams) 2-3 times a day

3-9 grams per day in hot water, stir and drink over the day.


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Corydalis Natural Chronic Pain Relief

Dr Oz Chronic Pain Relief Remedy

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